Address TS-3QA7-49BY-JFDM-98R4B
ID 8397777419429271813
Name ChampionsTestnet10000
Description Champions vs. Challengers game, Multi-out transactions or transactions with less than 1 BURST are ignored. The higher your bet, the higher your chances to become the new champion (chances given by your bet divided by the sum of bet and weight). If the current champion is the winner, he takes the challenger's bet. If the challenger is the winner, his bet is refunded and he becomes the new champion. There is 1% fee on prizes (plus 1 BURST activation fee).
Creator TS-D3S9-8L56-UMLL-6EDFX
Creation Block 199168
Version 2
Activation 0.1 TSIGNA
($0.00 @ $0.0037 per TSIGNA)
Code Hash ID 7379884471027706854
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